Training & Security Group International’s Mission

TSGI will provide highly specialized training and security solutions internationally–both on the ground and from the air–to US and foreign military and government agencies; national, regional and local law enforcement entities; as well as private companies seeking highly specialized military and security training.


Training & Security Group International, Inc. is a veteran-owned company whose employees understand the security environment and the demand for highly specialized military and law enforcement training.  Our core business model is to provide turnkey training programs that meet the custom needs of our clients.  Capitalizing on access to the largest privately owned training area in the United States TSGI will provide professional training programs at WTTC—both in the air and on the ground.  Additionally, TSGI will provide exportable ground and aerial training packages at our customer’s training area of choice, to include international locations, providing foreign governments, military and law enforcement agencies exceptional training opportunities in their own backyards.

The most important aspect of our business model is hiring the highest caliber trainers and operators in the world.  TSGI will hire the most professional, capable and dedicated people who will bring the same passion and enthusiasm to our clients that they have demonstrated in their service to our country.  TSGI will screen and select candidates from the highest levels of the military special operations community, law enforcement agencies and security specialists.

Who we are:

Training & Security Group International, Inc. (TSGI) is a private security solutions company specializing in security, consulting, aviation and special military and law enforcement tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).  Additionally, TSGI provides mission/task risk management and risk mitigation with an emphasis in defense contracting.  TSGI was formed with the idea of passing on our vast and unique military experience to people who need it the most, our military and law enforcement personnel as well as trusted foreign nationals looking for specialized military training.  Our management team believes in quality, specialized services specifically tailored to the needs of our unique clients.

In addition to specialized security, military, law enforcement and consulting services TSGI is in the process of developing an extensive domestic training site that provides unparalleled training opportunities for government, private and overseas clients.  The West Texas Training Center (WTTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of TSGI, is the largest private training facility in the United States.  With 40 square miles of real estate, WTTC is ideally located near two large, readily accessible military installations.  WTTC’s desert and mountain environment gives our clientele the ability to train their personnel and units in an environment that closely replicates DoD’s current areas of operation.  WTTC can facilitate numerous training activities simultaneously as well provide as tactical maneuver area for brigade-sized army units. TSGI has worked hard to obtain a training area and facility that allows our clients the flexibility to conduct operations and training without the bureaucracy often present on existing military installations. The combination of TSGI’s personnel and the WTTC ensures clients are provided the right mix of mission critical personnel training, secure training facilities and adequate training area to complete a full range of pre-deployment training and mission rehearsals.